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This is not a sales call

You will, however, be given the opportunity to work with me at the end of the two-day event.

Everyone who attends the event must first schedule a call.

This is to help get you registered, give you an overview of how you will learn more tools to create healthy relationships, as well as to make sure you’re prepared for the event and to know what you can expect.

These calls serve two important purposes:

1. This call allows us to get to know you better and to ensure the content is relevant and helpful to you – based on where you’re at, right now. 

The reason we do this is to ensure that each and every attendee comes with the right heart and mindset.

2. Understanding your story will better help to determine if the training is right for you.

It will also ensure that you get the answers and results that you need to begin breaking codependent patterns, and establish that you’re ready to create healthy relationships in your life.

So are you ready to free yourself from unhappy relationships and to live a life you love to wake up to?

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Your life is created by you. It takes courage to change.
All you need is a willingness to change because now you have access to the help you need.

Do you have an open mind and a willing heart? Are you ready to have loving, happy, secure relationships?
That’s all you need.

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This call is an interview to help us get to know you as a person and understand where you’re at right now. If this aligns with the content, you’ll get the green light and access to the event!